YDN-DB is a pure javascript library, and hence include the library javascript file to your HTML page to use it. But there are elaborate setup in large scale web app development.

Loading YDN-DB javascript library

The namespace of this library is ydn.db. The script provide main javascript class object, called ydn.db.Storage.

In browser

To use YDN-DB library, simple include the library file before using in your HTML file, as follow:

<script type="text/javascript" src="ydn.db-iswu-core-e-qry-dev.js"&gt;&lt;/script>      

With AMD loader

The pre-build minified expose as both AMD and CommonJS compatible module format.

  'packages': [{'name': 'ydn', 'location': 'path/to/ydn-db', 'main': 'ydn.db-iswu-core-e-qry-dev'}]
  }, ['ydn'], function(ydn) {
  var db = new ydn.db.Storage('db name');

With CommonJS loader or browserify

var ydn = ydn || {};
ydn.db = require('ydn.db');


Installed by bower:

bower install ydn.db   


Install by NPM:

npm install ydn.db


YDN modules are Closure Library modules, which is different from CommonJS module. YDN modules may not fit with workflow of npm, browserify, bower, etc.

Using in PhoneGap (Cordova)

PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs, specifically Apache Cordova API. The app is rendered in web client view such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView. The usage of YDN-DB in these mobile client are same as in browser. But more difficult to use then in browser because of limited debugging capability, more restriction and wide different environments.

See iOS 7 todo example for developing in iOS. Before iOS 8, only WebSQL is available. IndexedDB is available in iOS 8 mobile client.

See Cordova todo example for developing in Android. WebSQL is available in Android. IndexedDB is only available after Android 4.2, but buggy and advice to use WebSQL instead. IndexedDB support on Android 4.4 is good and recommended.

Supported database storage engines

YDN-DB use database storage mechanism independent abstraction layer, although it is designed primarily for IndexedDB storage mechanism. Fortunately WebSQL and key-value store (WebStorage) can be polyfill without serious issue. key-value store engines supports localStorage, sessionStorage, UserData (IE6) and in-memory storage mechanisms.

When using pre-build files in download page, you can choose to support multiple storage mechanism. All pre-build files has symbol representing supported storage mechanism by their first letter. For example isw symbol denotes supporting for IndexedDB (i), WebSQL (s) and WebStorage (w).

YDN-DB modules

YDN-DB source code are composed of modules. Currently there are nine modules available in pre-build files in download page.

Name Symbol Typical use case Description
Core core ydn.db.Iterator Core query
CRUD crud db.get(), db.put() Basic CRUD query
Cursor cur, db.scan() Cursor iteration
Encryption ept schema.Encryption Encryption
Event e db.addEventListener() Database events
Full-text search text Full-text search
Query qry db.from() Query
SQL sql db.executeSql() SQL
Synchronization sync schema.Sync Synchronization

When using pre-build files in download page, you can choose to various combination of modules. For example, the pre-build file, ‘ydn.db-isw-core-qry.js’ contains core module and query module.

If desire combination of module are not available in download page, you can request special build for paid user. Custom build script are provided for paid user.


Kyaw Tun